Vi vill passa på att tipsa om informativa presentationer av Moxas kompakta datorer. Här presenteras ett antal olika serier i UC-familjen vilka passar ypperligt som inbyggnadssystem eller som fristående gateways. Du kommer få se Igor från Moxa i Tyskland och presentationerna är på engelska. Vill du veta mer eller höra om dem på svenska så kontakta oss på Cat AB.

In this unboxing video of an UC-8112A-ME-T-LX, Moxas Product Marketing Engineer, Igor Bozovic, will take you through the contents in the box when you order this device.
In this video, Igor will give a comprehensive introduction to the UC-2100 Series product portfolio.
In this product introduction, Igor speak about the UC-2100-W Series computing platform that is designed for LTE narrow-band embedded data acquisition and processing applications.
In this product introduction, you will learn about our UC-8100A-ME-T-LX which is an industrial computer that has been designed for your embedded data acquisition applications in energy monitoring systems. It is also highly suitable for a variety of industrial solutions.
Igor is back again to introduce the UC-3100 Series of industrial Arm-Based computers.
In this introduction video of the UC-5100 Series embedded computers, Igor takes you through the models available. These computers are designed for industrial automation applications and feature 4 RS-232/422/485 full signal serial ports with adjustable pull-up/pull-down resistors, 2 CAN ports, 2 Ethernet ports, 4 digital input channels, 4 digital output channels, USB interface, and an SD slot in a compact, front-end access housing.
This video gives an overview of Moxa’s UC-8410A robust industrial communication platform. This computer is ideal for solar energy applications, energy monitoring, or factory automation environments. Additionally, this powerful computing engine supports several useful communications functions, without generating too much heat.
In this video, our Product Marketing Engineer, Igor, will be discussing the all-new UC-8200 Series computing platform that is optimal for embedded data acquisition applications. This versatile computer has the capabilities to let users efficiently adapt to a variety of complex communications solutions. Not to mention all units are thoroughly tested in a testing chamber, guaranteeing that the LTE-enabled computing platforms are suitable for wide-temperature applications applications.
  In this video, Igor gives a comprehensive overview of Moxa’s UC-8580, an innovative computing platform designed specifically for Railway transportation applications. It fits as a communication-centric computing platform for: – Vehicle-to-ground communication gateway – TCMS T2G (train-to-ground) gateway – Mobile condition monitoring unit – Ethernet Consist Network T2G gateway – Onboard wireless automated fare collection unit 
  In this video, Igor introduces the AIG-301 advanced IIoT Gateway with integration on Azure IoT Edge for remote, unmanned, and harsh environment applications. AIG-301-EU-AZU-LX comes with IIoT cloud connectivity software preinstalled: – ThingsPro Edge pre-loaded – Azure IoT Edge pre-integrated AIG-301-EU-AZU-LX enables: – Seamless integration Azure IoT Edge makes Azure Cloud easy to use. – File resume transmission and redundant software makes OTA robust. – Equipped with secure boot prevents malicious software-injection attacks. – ThingsPro Proxy utility makes device-provisioning easier than ever. 
  Igor introduces the DA-660A series which are industrial computers ideal for applications that require a distributed embedded technology, such as SCADA systems, plant-floor automation, and power electricity monitoring applications. The DA-660A Series Arm-based, ready-to-run embedded computers are designed for industrial data-acquisition applications. The housing is a standard 1U, 19-inch wide rack-mountable rugged enclosure.
  Moxa’s UC-8540 is an innovative computing platform designed specifically for transportation applications (Buses, Railway). In this video, Igor introduces the models available and walks you through the differences