NPort 6610/6650 Series

Moxas NPort 6600 serien 8, 16 eller 32 serieportar

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 32 ports for high density environments
  • Non-standard baudrates supported with high precision
  • Port buffers for storing serial data when the Ethernet is off-line
  • Supports IPv6
  • Ethernet redundancy (STP/RSTP/Turbo Ring) with network module
  • Modular design for network expansion
  • Secure data transmission
  • Supports Moxa’s MXview industrial network management software via the MXview Plug-in


The NPort® 6600 series of secure device servers is the right choice for applications that use large numbers of serial devices packed into a small space. If you’re worried about security, you can rest assured with the NPort® 6600, since it supports DES, 3DES, and AES, the three most common standards for data encryption. Serial devices of any type can be connected to the NPort® 6600, and each serial port on the NPort® can be configured independently for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 transmission.

 LCD Panel Makes Configuration Easy

The NPort® 6600 has a built-in LCD panel for configuration and selecting operation modes. The panel displays the server name, serial number, and IP address, and any of the device server’s configuration parameters, such as IP address, netmask, and gateway address, can be updated easily and quickly.

Note: The LCD panel is only available with standard temperature models

Adjustable Resistor Values for RS-485 Communication

The NPort® 6600 provides adjustable termination, pull high, and pull low resistors for RS-485 communication. In some critical environments, termination resistors may be needed to prevent the reflection of serial signals, and the pull high and pull low resistors may need adjusting to maintain the integrity of the electrical signal. Since no set of resistor values works for every environment, the NPort®6600 allows manual adjustment of the resistor values for each serial port using built-in DIP switches.

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