RTC Dongle

The Barix RTC Dongle is a real time clock device for the RS-232 serial interface. It allows for time-based applications such as scheduling, data logging and automation on stand alone devices, as well as networked devices in environments
with no NTP server or Internet connection.
The Barix RTC Dongle can be attached to any Barix product that has an RS-232 serial interface, such as devices of the Annuncicom, Exstreamer, Instreamer and Barionet product
families and is supported by applications like the FTP-MP3 store and forward and the  Barionet standard firmware. Furthermore the RTC Dongle can be attached to a non Barix device as long as it features a standard RS-232 serial interface and is programmable.

A plastic strip prevents the built-in batteries from discharging while in stock. The strip must be removed prior to installation to power the RTC Dongle. From that point the built-in batteries
guarantee 3 years of back-up operation. This period is extended when the connected device is switched on, powering the RTC via RS-232.

For programming custom applications, the RTC supports the following command functions:
setting and reading the time and date
setting and reading the clock‘s fine adjustment
switching on and off the LED
detecting the presence of the RTC
reading the RTC firmware version