8-slot Micro PAC with GX2 CPU

Main Features
  • Designed to handle control tasks that usually require a PLC and an Industrial PC
  • SoftLogic support in Win CE 5.0
  • Can be operated with or without display/keyboard/mouse
  • Remote monitoring through Web Server and Email Alarm
  • Remote maintenance via FTP Server
  • Supports Modbus/RTU Master and Modbus/TCP (Server/Client) protocol
  • Supports OPC Server
  • Supports SQL database
  • Supports SD storage I/O module
  • Supports AMONet master module
  • Supports motion control modules
  • Deterministic I/O at 1 ms
  • Remote I/O expansibility
  • Rich support to ADAM-5000 I/O modules

ADAM-5550KW is a Programmable Automation Controller designed for control tasks which require Industrial PC computing performance with the PLC’s robustness. ADAM-5550KW offers an AMD Geode GX533 CPU along with control specific features such as watchdog timer, battery backup RAM and deterministic I/O. ADAM-5550KW features 5 standard IEC – 61131-3 programming languages in CE 5.0, so PLC users can develop control strategies with their own familiar programming languages. The powerful Multiprog KW Software and stable ProConOS have allowed ADAM-5550KW to become the best choice for a Programmable Automation Controller on the market today. With the optional HMI Software and built-in VGA port, no longer will users be required to build up additional SCADA PC’s in their applications. This compact and powerful PAC is ideal for a variety of applications ranging from machine automation to SCADA applications.