ioLogik 1200 series: Ethernet remote I/O with 2-port Ethernet switch


Effortless and cost-free I/O extension
The ioLogik E1200 remote Ethernet I/O series has gained a powerful new peer-to-peer communications technology that enables reproduction of I/O signals and extended data transmissions over Ethernet. The ioLogik E1200 I/O module can now connect I/O sensors to the ioLogik E1200 output module over copper, fiber, or wireless Ethernet infrastructure to achieve tremendous savings on cabling and wiring. With this technology, digital and analog signals can be duplicated over virtually unlimited distances with no host PC, PLC, or controller needed, and without any noise interference.
Easy and effective cable replacement
The enhanced ioLogik E1200 can replace cables by integrating many I/O signals over a single network cable to transmit input-to-output controls without any involvement from PLCs or controllers. All the I/O signals can travel intact through Ethernet and be reproduced at the destination device.
Internet-friendly multiple-target transmission
Since peer-to-peer communication supports channel-to-channel mapping, the ioLogik E1200 allows simultaneous multiple target transmission, and also supports up to 16-channel transmission over Ethernet, based on an emitter and receiver I/O pair. Moreover, destination socket ports can be specified individually for each channel map. This technology creates high flexibility if the remote ioLogiks are installed behind a router or firewall.
Safe mode protection from network failure
For output control, the output device can use “safe mode” configuration to help detect network failures. This preventive function prompts the output ioLogik to display a warning flash when the network disconnects. The output will then return to the latest signal status, or be set to a preset value, depending on the configuration.
Daisy chain connectivity with simple wiring
The ioLogik E1200’s two Ethernet ports come with a built-in switch that enable daisy chains of multiple network devices. A daisy-chains is a simple architecture that is easy to wire and maintain. The cascading connections can easily create the multi-drop I/O networks that are commonly used for factory automation, security and surveillance systems, tunnel monitoring, and other industrial applications. The two Ethernet ports can alternatively be used to construct a backup link to ensure network redundancy and stability.
Easy wiring and expansion with ioLogik E1200 daisy link Ethernet I/O
Seven Times Faster than other SCADA Integration Solutions
The ioLogik E1200 supports push-based Active OPC Server to achieve faster communication with SCADA systems. With Moxa’s free Active OPC Server software, the ioLogik E1200 uses event driven ”active tags” to deliver instant I/O status reports to SCADA systems seven times faster than other OPC Server packages, and reduces network traffic by 80%.
 Namn Portar  Ethernet  Serie-kommunikation  Övrigt
Ingångar Utgångar DI / DO
Digitala Övriga Analoga Digitala Relä
ioLogik E1210 16            2 RJ45   T-modell finns
ioLogik E1211       16      2 RJ45   T-modell finns
ioLogik E1212 8         8  2 RJ45   T-modell finns
ioLogik E1213 8     4 4 4  2 RJ45   DO är av Source typ. T-modell finns
ioLogik E1214 6       6    2 RJ45   T-modell finns
ioLogik E1240   8AI         2RJ45   T-modell finns
ioLogik E1241     4AO           T-modell finns
ioLogik E1242 4 4AI   4DIO   4 2RJ45   T-modell finns
ioLogik E1260   6RTD         2RJ45   T-modell finns
ioLogik E1262   8TCs         2RJ45   T-modell finns


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